A Shift-Alternate approach to Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts

I’m not trying to compete with Sarah Ford’s excellent “Did you know…” series, but I wanted a better way to display smart tags in VS2005 and took a path I had not traveled before.  I heard a drum beat never heard and pressed keys not yet pressed.


I appreciated VS displaying the keyboard sequence, but Shift-Alt-F10 wasn’t going to do it for me.  Something with one hand, Ctrl-Shift-D.  Yeah, that would work.  Staring full into the face of the Visual Studio Options dialog, however, I had no idea how to retrieve the function I was seeking in that teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy commands scroll area.

So I approached it by way of the current shortcut key and entered Shift-Alt-F10 in the shortcuts field which displayed what I was looking for in the commands list. 

As a happy result, I am now a one-handed Smart Tag View Man.

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