Abidar Task Scheduler Application Taking Shape

Keyvan Nayyeri’s Task Scheduler Application is taking shape with working Beta 1 source on CodePlex.  The K-Man discusses the release here.

The solution contains a Website Project and Abidar class library as shown here.

Keyvan includes a Clear Cache task in the web project to give you a sampling of how to write your own tasks.  I added a File Append task (FileAppendTask.cs) taken from an earlier post from Keyvan which writes a line to a .TXT file every 10 seconds to give me more feedback that my task was humming along in the background.

The complete FileAppendTask.cs is below.  There will be more functionality and properties in task classes coming, but the following gets it done.

I then added the File Append Task to the Abidar tasks.config file which completed the process.

The best part of the Abidar project is when you fire up the website to initialize the task scheduler the default.aspx page displays “Long Live Kurdistan!”

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