ASPNET Membership at the Tire Store

I spent an hour yesterday afternoon at a local tire store where I spent the time setting up ASPNET Membership on a new development site.  This story isn’t about ASPNET Membership though, it’s about the good fortune we as developers have to become more skilled at our craft even while at the tire store.

While I was creating the ASPNET application, the roles and so on I was observing a fellow behind the counter who worked at the tire store.  His wife had unexpectedly gone into labor and he was calling the hospital for information.  I offered him my congratulations while he was on hold.  After he got off the phone I heard him ask his manager whether he had enough days to take a week off to be home with his wife.  The manager said he accrued a week for every six months on the job, and that he’d check on his available days.

We all have a day job, we all answer to The Man in one form or another.  Yesterday was the greatest day in that young man’s life, and I hope he is given the days to be with his wife and new baby.  That was Real World.  I was merely typing at the time.  Yet it made me appreciate where I happen to be at this moment in my working career, not “accruing” weeks off or having to ask a manager to do squat. That luxury has a lot to do with the fact that I take advantage of the time spent waiting at the tire store to learn something.  If you’re reading this post, then it’s a good bet you do the same.

Yeah, ASPNET Membership rocks.

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