Awesome virtual server hosting

You and I probably subscribe to many of the same RSS feeds, so you may have seen the above title on a recent post from Ken Robertson.  I’m using the same title to reinforce Ken’s message that he really does provide awesome virtual server hosting.

I’ve been a happy customer of Ken’s for nearly two years and I have NEVER had a better hosting experience or enjoyed better value.  Ken is one of those guys who can do it all well.  I won’t go into detail of what Ken provides because he does that on the post.  I can tell you that my virtual server has been rock solid from day one, with all of the features I ever needed. 

I thought I could be the first to tell you how great the service has been as a customer, but Dan Hounshell beat me to it with an excellent post comment.  I loved how he said, "You’ll be treated as a friend, not as ‘just another pain in the ass user.’"  That is so true.  I’ll also quote Dan in describing who will benefit most from Ken’s hosting service, because it’s an important point. "If you are used to setting up your own sites in IIS, deploying your code, setting up dns records (via a control panel), etc. then this type of hosting is right for you."  People who host with Ken are a pretty self-sufficient group.

As a .NET freelancer I’ve got a great situation because several of my clients host with Ken. Not only do they have a high octane server of their own for a great price, but I can efficiently manage their sites with the freedom Ken’s hosting service provides.

You might be wondering, if I’m so darn happy with my host provider, why did it take me two years to post about it?  That’s easy.  Because Ken finally said we could. :-)  He’s expanding his services and taking on a few new clients. I don’t know how many he’ll be taking on, but you owe it to yourself to take advantage of Ken’s expansion.  And like I said, if you’re a freelancer with clients who need their own virtual server that you’ll be managing, then you will love it.

One more time: Awesome virtual server hosting.

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