Class instantiation: use it or lose it. — d.o.t.d.

It was a long time since cheap mlb jerseys I feared that I had really screwed up my app after deciphering Tradition an error message.  Here it is.  No stack information of assistance, no file info, no line number for cheap nfl jerseys the error. Just a worthless stackoverflow exception.  Errors are a way of life and they certainly don’t bother me while Locations I’m cranking Массаж out an app–as long as no one ever sees any after the app is released, of course.

I was able to track down the source of the error to a class component, Vermont… which was instantiating a few other classes, as shown here:

 protected UtilsDB oUtilsDB = new UtilsDB();
protected UBizUtils oUBizUtils = new UBizUtils();
protected UtilsWeb oUtilsWeb = new UtilsWeb();

The problem was that I never used one of them in the class after creating it.  That was the source of the nasty, unusually difficult to track down problem.

The moral of the story–and discovery of the wholesale nba jerseys day–is that cheap mlb jerseys if you instantiate another class, use it…or lose it.  The app, that is.

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