Even a Sad CodeGen Song Will Do, Kathleen

Kathleen Dollard will be speaking at VTDotNet next Monday.  I was SOOOOO excited to find out Kathleen was coming so I could learn about Code Generation from the Code Gen Maven herself.  But then I read from the VTDotNet program description that she’s going to talk about TRACING!  TRACING???  From Kathleen Code Generation in Microsoft .NET Dollard?  Hey, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot about tracing on Monday, but Kathleen presenting on Tracing is like buying a novel by Ethan Hawke, or going to a stock car race to watch Brian Williams drive.  It’s wrong.

Hey, I wasn’t anticipating an in-depth look at CodeSmith or anything, but even a free-association, off-the-cuff presentation on Code Generation would make me a blissful nerd, for sure.  I would love to gain her insight on how to look at patterns and processes in terms of Code Generation.  Here’s a wonderful snippet from her website to describe what I was hoping for:

One of the fundamentals of improving development is recognizing categories of code, isolating them, and using the right development shortcuts for each. Main categories of code include business logic that transcends any application, transitory technology patterns that can be reused across domains, and a code to chink the gaps so things work in an imperfect and ever-changing technical world.

Yes, any CodeGen Song Will Do, Kathleen (to the tune of “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.”)

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