In Eager Anticipation of New England Code Camp 9

I’ve been spending my latenight geek sessions this week preparing for my “Patterns of Splendor” Advanced CodeSmith presentation at New England Code Camp 9 this weekend.  That means updating Visual Studio projects, databases and CodeSmith template libraries on my laptop and walking through the demos to make sure there are no glitches.  The fact that CodeSmith with version 4.0 saves all template properties from the prior execution will keep the Splendid Show moving along breezily.  There’s a lot to show.  I don’t want to get caught up in CodeSmith or Community Server details but be true to the objective of the talk, which is to demonstrate how CodeSmith can generate volumes of code regardless of the application’s architecture when we approach those applications as replicable patterns of code.

Here’s the full weekend presentation schedule. The first thing I always look for is if Richard Hale Shaw will be there.  Indeed Richard is on the Code Camp 9 slate, with not two sessions, but THREE, “Best Practices in ASP.NET 2.0/3.5: Defending Yourself From Worst Practices”, “Functional ReFactoring: Adding Clarity and Grace to Your Code” and “LINQ isn’t just for Breakfast, anymore: Applying LINQ and Strategies for Migrating to It.”  Patrick Hynds will be back after missing the last two Code Camps as well.  Woot!

The best news for Code Camp 9, of course, is that our own Jason “Interesting Find” Haley is flying in from Seattle to say hello to his old Beantown homies and deliver a couple of super nerdy presentations that as usual I will certainly not be able to understand.  Jason always packs the room, so I know a lot of guys smarter than me will understand what he’s talking about.

I should be getting into Waltham around 7:30 on Friday night and plan on ordering my dinner aperitif at the Naked Fish at 8:00 sharp.  If you want to join me (and a special guest from Maine–who’s been jerking me around with empty promises of fresh Code Camp Lobster for several Internet years), please let me know!  You are most welcome.

Don’t forget about our Saturday Night Geek Fest in the Waltham Westin Lobby.  I’ll do my best to be the DPG (Designated Party Goofball), but I might be a bit distracted this time around as my beloved Tarheels will be playing Kansas on the Big Screen.

Nothing left to say.  New England Code Camp is dreamy.  Chris Bowen is even dreamier (in a totally manly, non-sexual way, of course.)  It’s going to be great!

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