iTunes 4.9 app podcast navigation screenshot

To follow-up on my iPod podcast navigation post I wanted to show the corresponding iTunes podcast navigation scroll list.  Very sweet!  On playing podcasts with navigation support, there’s a widget next to the top-center info area which pops-up the scrolling list of that podcast’s contents.

Steve Eichert solicited input on “slick UIs” for the Smart Client app he’s working on.  I didn’t mention it at the time, but iTunes definitely falls into the category of a slick UI in my book.  It has all of the classic characteristics of a Smart Client app, though it is definitely not a .NET Windows Forms app.  It’s a little squirrelly in places, sure, but it tries to do a lot of things both clientside and over the wire.  While building my own Smart Client app, I put iTunes as a user experience standard to shoot for many reasons.


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