New England Code Camp 9 Awaits your Registration

We’re close on Code Camp 9.  Real close.  Don’t tarry, don’t delay, register and book your room in Watham, Massachusetts for Friday and Saturday night, April 4th and 5th, to catch all of the exciting Code Camp 9 action on April 5th and 6th!

Heck yeah, I’m registered and my room is booked at the Waltham Home Suites Inn where I stayed for Code Camp 8 and liked it a lot.  $89 a night compared to $119 a night at the Waltham Westin (lowest rate I saw on their site), and you get free Internet instead of having to pay for it at the Westin.  The free breakfast at Home Suites is also excellent.  Another draw of Home Suites is that you can walk to the Westin for the traditional Saturday Night Code Camp Geek Gathering in the Westin lobby.  More importantly, after hanging with Mark “Make it Neat” Mullin at The Gathering you can walk back to your room as well.

Code Camp is a red-on-red, black-on-black jump start to the Geek Psyche, with lots of .NET stimuli and great information on cutting-edge technologies.  If you don’t believe me check out the CC9 presentation list so far.  Speaking of presentations, when promoting Code Camp I always try to stress how important it is to take advantage of the opportunity Code Camp gives us to get our presentation tootsies wet.  At each Code Camp I learn how to become a better presenter, and I wouldn’t think of going to Code Camp without taking advantage of the opportunity.  For Code Camp 9 my presentation is titled “Patterns of Splendor: Advanced CodeSmith.”  At Code Camp 8 I gave a presentation titled “Everyday CodeSmith,” so it was time for an advanced session.  Here’s the abstract:

CodeSmith is a Code Generation application that can generate code, methods, classes, even entire projects by recognizing the patterns that are the building blocks of any .NET application. Using the Community Server 2007 SDK as a backdrop, we’re going to learn how to think in patterns that can be generated with CodeSmith rather than coded by hand. We’re going to see CodeSmith Active Snippets in action, create CodeSmith template dropdown and list parameters, write code output directly to files, generate a complete and compile-ready Visual Studio Class Library using CodeSmith Projects, and other advanced techniques that could potentially increase the volume of your code output and the quality of that code significantly.

Don’t forget about the most important aspect of New England Code Camp: bags and bags full of warm dinner rolls!  No, no, that’s the second most important thing.  The MOST important thing about Code Camp is the relationships you’ll be building with other developers like yourself.  Great guys and gals who are smart, passionate about what they do, and outstanding human beings.  Then again, there’s this one weird dude who brings a parrot and this other obnoxious jerk we call “Lurch” who sits at the front and asks annoying questions (except in Richard Hale Shaw’s presentations, of course, who shuts him down cold), but everyone else is great.

One final draw for Code Camp 9 is that there’s a rumor circulating that Salem’s favorite ex-SuperGeek (you know him, you love him, I’m not sayin’ who), is flying into Beantown and will be attending Code Camp 9!  That’s all I can tell you now.  I’ll let you know when it’s official.

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