Quick example of Generic Economics

The world is moving to LINQ and here I am still learning how to think in Generics.  Take this quick example of how I am learning about generic economics.  I have a Community Server Chameleon List control of hours billed per week on all jobs per employee and wanted to display total hours.



I was thinking, okay, a #temp SQL table, calculate the total, shoot it back to the control.  Or no, add a second select to the stored proc and grab the total in a datareader.NextResult().  Then Generics Thought kicked in and the more economical approach that resulted.


And in Chameleon the display of that total hour figure is particularly easy wherever I want to place it on the page using

<DBVT:LaborPostData Property=”TotalHours” … />

Yeah, this new Generics stuff is pretty cool!

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