Reporting Live from PDC2008 : Vermont

Twitter is a marvelous thing.  Without flying to Los Angeles, our crack DBVT Staff can deliver, via the #PDC Twitter Stream, each and every PDC2008 highlight for you without ever having to get off our fat asses taunt, shapely buttocks.

All hail “ScottGu Mode!” This is probably one of those “had to be there” tweets, but if each of us had a ScottGu Mode this ol’ world of ours would be a much better place.

The Gu always has the cool toys.. Aren’t the other kids jealous?  “The Gu” MUST have all of the cool toys.  He’s the guy that explains them to the rest of us.

his “gu-ness” writes some code for us… For “His Gu-Ness,” of course.  Worship and adulation in its proper place.

.Net 3.5 SP1 built into Win7.  About darn time.  W00T!

what, no trumpets for scottgu?  Anyway!

omfg multimon rdp support !!!!  Let us translate that for you.  “Oh My Fucking God!  Multi-Monitor Remote Desktop Protocol Support !!!!”

windows 7 can mount and boot from a virtual hard disk.  Too boring to elaborate on, but still sponge worthy.

scary how close Windows 7 feels compared to how long it seemed Vista took to release  I think there’s a comparative analogy here to bumping elbows with a beautiful woman at the grocery meat counter…or not.

yikes not sure bout the plasma screen joke  We’re not sure, but we think someone compared their plasma screen size to a penis.

Ow that UAC joke was stillborn. We’re not sure, but we think someone compared Windows User Account Control technology to a penis.

Not liking Windows 7 Taskbar  Well who does?  Geez.

When is Steve Jobs showing up?  Zephyr2b, you slay me!

“meshified” is the word at the moment  Welcome to my world, pal.

Post-Guthrie exodous is beginning from pdc keynote, steady stream to the door Almost as good as being there, except not having to wrestle with, “Damn, I wish I was one of those guys…”

supports for jquery in VS2008 can be download today  JQuery?  That’s like PHP for CSS right? 

Silverlight for Mobile – fantastic session, best so far. Parity with desktop, then support for camera, location, accelerometer later.  When can I start cranking out Big Money Silverlight apps for the ms-Phone, cause I am READY, Baby!

making an ass out of yourself at #pdc infront of your coworkers by being drunk is never good, hopefully, they were cheery about it =(  Reminds me of a Christmas party I attended in North Carolina in the early 90’s.  I made a bit of a keg-inspired scene, but the host was great about it. “Every party needs an asshole,” he said to me, “and that’s why we invited you!”  I love that guy.


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