Silverlite: What to do if your XAML changes do not display

This is the first in a series I’m calling the “Silverlite” series, posts covering issues I encounter working with Silverlight 2.0.  I hope to work with Silverlight for a long time, so hopefully the series will be around for a long time, too.

Tonight’s Silverlite looks at what to do if XAML file changes you make aren’t being updated when you debug your project in Visual Studio or refresh your site XAP file. 

When a new SilverLight 2.0 project is created in VS2008, a Web Project is created to house the Silverlight project control as shown below.

The web project page contains the control in its \ClientBin\.XAP file, but a fresh compile (or F5 to Debug) isn’t going to force a reload of the XAML.  A fresh XAML WILL occur if you touch the web.config, however.  So remember to touch your web.config if your XAML changes aren’t displaying.

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