Spreading the word: first Hartford Code Camp Call for Speakers

I received this email from my pal SB Chatterjee so I’m doing my part to spread the word for the first Hartford, Connecticut Code Camp Call for Speakers.  I’m not sure yet if I can make it, since I’m not seeing anything about a Saturday Night Geek Party…


From: CTDOTNET [mailto:ctdotnet@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 4:05 PM
Subject: A request for the First Hartford CodeCamp (Aug 16 Sat) – Call For Speakers

Folks –

Please distribute the notice below to your .NET user group (via emails, blogs and websites) and also, please consider making a presentation at the First Hartford CodeCamp (details below).
Please get the word out!

With thanks,
“SB” Chatterjee
for CTDOTNET www.ctdotnet.org
email: ctdotnet@gmail.com

Call for Speakers

CTDOTNET CodeCamp – Hartford CT (Saturday Aug 16th 9AM-5PM)

To be held at New Horizons Computer Learning Center (Bloomfield CT)

A code camp is a FREE, community-driven, all-day event for developers. Speakers are local or regional developers. Topics are based on community interest. Sessions are original and feature a heavy technical focus (no marketing fluff). We will follow the Spirit of the Codecamp Manifesto as described here –

We are seeking talented .NET developers to make a presentation or two at the First Hartford CodeCamp on August 16th (Saturday). If you have ever wanted fame (& perhaps fortune) – this is your opportunity! We are giving away one MSDN Premium subscription and other prizes for presenters (judged by evals from attendees).

Each session should be about 90mins in duration and the content should be on developer topics that would be of interest to attending developers. Just about anything in .NET and other Microsoft technologies!

Choose a .NET topic of interest and send a brief abstract or outline, your developer experience, expected audience level, etc or any other questions to ctdotnet@gmail.com

Our thanks to New Horizons Computer Learning Center for sponsoring our event.

Our thanks to MyWinHosting & Franklins.NET & InterBridge.NET for their continued support.

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