The G’day World and DotNetRocks Slapdown

A couple of weeks ago I posted a review of my initial experience with Cameron Reilly and Mick Stanic’s G’Day World podcast describing it as “gratuitiously vulgar.” Cameron posted a classy and funny response. I commented to that post and explained the reason for the now infamous GV remark, but knew I had to give this nutty Aussie another listen. I am so glad I did.

Sidebar of importance: Fila Brazilia’s “The Light of Jesus” just started up in Winamp (for real) with the opening lyrics: “The Light of Jesus. The Light of Jesus.  ‘Brothers,’ he said, ‘I’m going to show you something you’re not going to believe.’ And he pulled his thing out. It ruined my life.” Classic.

Back to the slapdown.

I’ve been a long-time fan of DotNetRocks and thoroughly enjoy the format of a couple of geeks talking to someone in the know on a geeky topic. Revisting G’day World confirms the shows are both very similar in this model, so after listening to both of their most recent shows yesterday I had to throw out this comparison of DNR on Smart Clients with Rob Barker and G’day World with Om Malik from Business 2.0 on broadband.

I never refer to Carl Franklin as “Carl”, but always as “Cool Carl” Franklin because, well, he’s the coolest! (For a fellow American bloke, that is.) DNR is Microsoft through and through, kind of like MCSD Me. Love Carl’s music and the new streamlined format. Cory keeps things slightly bent in a good way. Excellent conversations with experts in the Microsoft world.

But brothers and sisters, there’s a fresh breeze blowing from…wherever the hell Australia is. I don’t want to suggest that Carl Franklin is an owned man (nobody owns Cool Carl!) and, well, Rory works for Microsoft, but these boys from Down Under are definitely not owned by anyone, nor are they tainted by the Microsoft Brush of Banality where geeks like me may feel some Wood for Whidbey, but Real Cool is found anywhere-but-Microsoft.

Carl started to get something going when discussing the product name of “Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System,” but after a moment of “what the F–k!” reality, he pulled it back. But Carl (and Rory) do get it.  Then Rob Barker says nonchalantly that there will be no managed code support in Whidbey for Outlook (still only Word and Excel.) Here is where the essential difference between G’day World and DotNetRocks is made painfully clear.

Carl’s response to the lack of managed code support for Outlook? “Hmm. That’s too bad…I know you guys have been a little sidetracked with security and stuff.” On the other hand, Cameron and Mick would have said something like, “Are you fucking kidding me, mate? The world lives in Outlook, and after 3 years Microsoft can’t pull their heads out of their collective crankshaws to provide managed code support for Outlook? I mean, what a cock-up’d show you boys running over there?” Okay, maybe they wouldn’t have been as harsh as that, but they would have been free to say it if they gave a rip about the subject. Carl and Rory could never speak that ill of anything Microsoft.  Too bad.

So do your own taste test. Head on over to and to But go to first, because Cameron posted the other day that they need to generate some revenue and quick or Cameron and Mick will have to consider getting a real job.

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