You heard it from the Code Gen Maven here first!

Kathleen Dollard was good enough to respond to my post the other day in which I expressed my dissappointment in not being able to tap her expertise on Code Generation.  Seems she’s going to satisfy the CodeGen hungry Vermont Masses after all! 

An excerpt from her comments:

…I’ll end the tracing talk by 8:15, take a quick break, do the giveaways, then we’ll talk about code gen. It will be short (30 minutes) but intense. That will let folks that aren’t into the code gen stuff slip out. I plan to skip over benefits and look at the principals, mechanics, and what generics and partial classes in 2005 means to code gen.

She also mentioned she’s working on a Code Gen talk for Montreal.  Sounds like a possible…ROAD TRIP!!!

Thanks, Kathleen.  I’m going to spend some time in CodeSmith this afternoon in anticipation for Monday! 


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