Improve Your SEO Ratings with ScrewTurn Wiki

I’ve had SEO on the brain recently and began taking a few overdue steps to compensate for a lack of attention in my web world. This third of three new Sueetie Feature Rich articles focuses on the excellent SEO capabilities of ScrewTurn Wiki.  The original wiki document is located here.


Sitemaps, Titles, Keywords and Content Description Metadata

Four essential capabilities in any web application to ensure quality SEO page ranking are sitemaps, descriptive page titles, keywords and content description metadata. ScrewTurn Wiki supports them all and then some.


Sitemaps are a brand new feature in ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0. Sitemaps are the structure of your site represented as a hierarchical set of links that expands across your website so that all of your pages are submitted to Google and other search engines to ensure complete indexing. You can read more about the ScrewTurn Wiki sitemap how we’re using it here in the Sueetie blog.

Titles, Keywords and Content Description Metadata

Other important elements in quality SEO ratings are individual page titles, keywords and descriptions located in the page header. ScrewTurn Wiki sets the title of the page as the title you enter for the page content. Keywords and Description tags are fully supported, but we as authors of wiki content have the responsibility to take advantage of those capabilities. Keyword and Description fields are located at the bottom of the page edit form as shown in the following example.


Now let’s see how ScrewTurn generates the essential SEO Header Information for Search Indexing engines like Google. You’ll see that the page title is exactly as the page content title, and the keywords and description header metatags are as we entered on the page edit form.

<!DOCTYPE html … />
<html xmlns=””>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″ />
    Enhanced ScrewTurn Wiki Breadcrumbs for Better Page Navigation – Sueetie Wiki
<meta name=”keywords” content=”ScrewTurn Wiki, Breadcrumbs, Navigation, Sueetie Features” />
<meta name=”description” content=”ScrewTurn Wiki’s Smart Breadcrumb Improves Document Navigation” />

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