ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0.4 Enhancements on Display at

The latest and greatest version of ScrewTurn Wiki, v3.0.4.560, is now on display at It has all of the Sueetie Framework enhancements as before like tagging and event calendar scheduling, plus two new enhancements coming in v2.3, integrated Page Discussions and support for multiple Namespaces.

Page Discussion Integration

Before continuing I should probably show you a ScrewTurn Page Discussion.  Here’s the discussion on the Sueetie ChangeLog page.  (Here’s a direct link to the discussion.) You’ll need a ScrewTurn Wiki-specific user account on to participate in page discussions. I’ll be happy to set that up for you if you need one.

In Sueetie 2.3 each wiki page message is now part of the Sueetie Data Core, so they are displayed on the Site Activity log as you see below and on the Sueetie Home Page. (Yeah, I’ve been busy in my sweet new wiki.) With Sueetie Data Core integration, discussion messages can now be searchable, included in user analytics reporting, displayed with Sueetie List View controls and other Sueetie coolness.

Namespace Integration

In the past Sueetie admins could create as many ScrewTurn namespaces as they wanted.  The problem was that namespace wiki pages broke the theme. The result wasn’t pretty.  That’s been remedied in Version 2.3 with a new Sueetie Utility which I’ll tell you more about after v2.3 is released.  Below you see a new Wiki Namespace called “Sueetie Insiders.” It’s perfectly at home in the Lollipop Theme.

So with the release of 2.3 (coming very soon), we’re running the very latest version of YetAnotherForum.NET, Gallery Server Pro and ScrewTurn Wiki. Guess what’s coming next?

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