Sueetie now running ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 RC1

I’ve been looking forward to using ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 in Sueetie for a long time, so when 3.0 RC1 become available I waited about a day before moving the Sueetie Wiki to 3.0 RC1 from 2.0.35.  ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 is a substantially improved Wiki.  Here are just two of several new ScrewTurn 3.0 features for you.  In red is the linked pages popup navigation menu, where all linked page are displayed with the breadcrumb links.  In blue is a taste of ScrewTurn 3.0 namespaces.  Wiki Namespaces are going to be huge!  In yellow is the Sueetie authentication integration which is not new but which I added for additional cool.

ScrewTurn Wiki 2.0 supported two user types: USER and ADMIN.  3.0 implements Groups for the first time and supports ANONYMOUS users as well.  Permission assignment options are much more detailed.  Add that on top of namespaces, where each namespace has independent group assignments and you’ve got a very beefy wiki.

There’s a lot more to introduce you to in ScrewTurn 3.0, but we’ll save that for another day.  As for the Sueetie integration details, we will continue to use the ScrewTurn default File Storage Provider for both page and user data.  There is an ASPNET Membership ScrewTurn plugin for 3.0 in development, and when that’s complete we’ll probably move to it.  As for SQL data storage, the ScrewTurn 3.0 SQL data provider plugin, like its predecessors, does not support SQL object prefixes.  Having wiki data objects interspersed among other application objects is something we just can’t have.  I added an "mp_" prefix for marketplace SQL objects and supporting source, but that was a one-time deal and pretty straightforward.  The ScrewTurn data layer architecture makes this a less pleasant task, and since we must also consider future upgrade commitments, prefixes aren’t going to happen.  The file storage model works great and we can always add a background file-to-sql integration process as we did with Sueetie blogs, so it’s all good.

Please stop around and check out Sueetie running ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 RC1.  If you’d like to read about other new ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 features, the best resource I’ve seen is this Version 3.0 Beta post from Dario Solera.  Be sure to click on the screenshot images displaying the new features.

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