Superior Page Navigation with ScrewTurn Wiki Breadcrumbs

A new Sueetie Feature Rich article is below. It is the second of three articles I added yesterday. The title is Enhanced ScrewTurn Wiki Breadcrumbs for Better Page Navigation demonstrating how ScrewTurn Wiki breadcrumbs display every document linked-to from that page in a mouse-over popup. I am totally hooked on it.


A Better Breadcrumb

The first time I saw ScrewTurn Wiki’s enhanced breadcrumbs in version 3 I was dazzled by how completely efficient it made navigating through a wiki library. I use them all…the…time.  Simply put, each breadcrumb link in the navigation thread includes a popup menu containing every link on that page. And even better, the popup is displayed with a simple mouse-over.

Here are the links located on the Sueetie Home Page, or go to the page to see it in action.


As I said, not only do all page links display for the top breadcrumb, but for each breadcrumb in the navigation hierarchy as well. Here are the links found on the Sueetie Feature Rich page. Mouse over the page links to where you want to go, click and you’re there!


Article written by

A long time developer, I was an early adopter of Linux in the mid-90's for a few years until I entered corporate environments and worked with Microsoft technologies like ASP, then .NET. In 2008 I released Sueetie, an Online Community Platform built in .NET. In late 2012 I returned to my Linux roots and locked in on Java development. Much of my work is available on GitHub.