Wiki Documents now Accessible Sueetie Site-Wide

Wiki documents are now accessible from anywhere in a Sueetie Community Site. Wiki documents joins blog posts, blog comments, media, forum topics and forum messages as having their own List View Controls in Sueetie.

Sueetie wiki document sharing is part of the event logging features coming in Gummy Bear 1.2. Besides Wiki Document access, wiki event messages like "Dave Burke updated the wiki document [insert some cool Sueetie document here]" and so on. Event messages from other application and member activities will be included in Gummy Bear 1.2 as well.

You can see Wiki Document sharing in action on the Sueetie Home Page on the Recent Site Activity “Wiki Document” panel. If you check it out you’ll notice an abstract of the document along with live category links. I really like those category links.

Below is the new Sueetie wiki document on this feature I added in the Feature Rich: ScrewTurn Wiki section.

What Wiki Document Sharing Means in Sueetie

Sharing a wiki document in a Sueetie Online Community means recording it in the common Sueetie Content Data area for display outside of the wiki area with Sueetie Content List View Controls as shown here and on the home page.


Once you designate a wiki document as shared, it can be viewed anywhere from throughout the Sueetie Community Site.

Marking the Document as Shared in the Wiki Editor

Marking the document as shared in the Wiki Editor requires nothing more than clicking on a checkbox, which is checked as default. So in reality you don’t have to do anything to mark a document shareable.

Here’s the Sharing checkbox on the wiki editor.


One issue to keep in mind that whenever you save a wiki document as shared, a record of that action is recorded in the community event logs as well. The event will be listed as "[You] created a the wiki document…" or "[You] updated the wiki document…" accordingly. So if you’re working on a wiki document and use the "Save & Continue" button regularly (as you should!), you may want to uncheck the "Log Update" checkbox with “Save & Continue” so that there aren’t a mass of "Your Name Here updated the wiki document…" like 35 times in succession. (35 successive Save & Continues over the course of a document is about my average. 🙂

Three other elements from the wiki page are recorded for sharing purposes. Those are shown below. They are the page categories, page meta-keywords, and a new field added specifically for wiki document sharing, the page abstract. The page abstract supports 1000s of characters, so don’t be concerned about putting too much information in it.


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