Configuring a Payment Service in the Sueetie Marketplace

Sueetie Marketplace Administration now supports the configuration of Payment Services. To get things rolling, the Payment Services supported by Marketplace in Version 3.2 will include Website Payments Standard and its Sandbox Equivalent.  The Payment Service Configuration Parameters will be used to create Marketplace "Add to Cart" and other transaction-related links.

For more about the Payment Services Configuration, here is a reprint of the new Sueetie Wiki document on Configuring Sueetie Marketplace Payment Services.


To Each Payment System Their Due

The initial release of the Marketplace with Sueetie v3.2 coming in May supports PayPal Web Standard Payments, where PayPal handles both the Shopping Cart and Transaction processes.  PayPal returns a Transaction Code used by Sueetie to perform any post-purchase processing. PayPal Web Standard Payments is an example of a Sueetie Marketplace Payment Service. Each payment service supported by Sueetie as the Marketplace matures will require its own set of configuration parameters, so the details will vary while the process is the same.

Each Marketplace Payment Service will require the Sueetie Administrator to have accounts with the Payment Vendor with capabilities that Sueetie will use for processing Marketplace transactions. For an example of what is required to setup a PayPal Web Standard Payments account for instance, see this Sueetie Wiki How-To Document.

Setting the Primary Payment System

Sueetie Marketplace is designed to use a Primary Payment Service for all transactions. You can select the service in Marketplace Administration. In v3.2 the choices are PayPal Standards Live or the PayPal Sandbox for testing purposes.


Configuring the Payment Service Parameters

The PayPal Standard Payments configuration form is shown below. It contains all of the elements used in creating the "Add to Cart" and "Display Shopping Cart" links in the Sueetie Marketplace, based on the type of product. If you go to the Sueetie Marketplace, you’ll see that the action links "Add to Cart," "Download this Item" etc are displayed for items requiring a purchase only. Marketplace knows not to display "Add to Cart" links for free downloads, for instance.


For more on how to create a PayPal Standard Payments account and the configuration parameters shown here, see How to Create a PayPal Standard Payments Account.

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