Cross-Application List View Controls Coming in Sueetie v3.2

Sueetie List View Controls are simple User Controls that enable Sueetie Communities to display latest blog posts, forum topics, photos…almost any content generated in any Sueetie Application.  Syndicated content is also supported, the Sueetie News feed on site administration home pages being one example.  Until now using List View Controls was limited to the Sueetie Framework areas: Home Page, CMS, Search, etc.  It was not possible to drop a Recent Photos List View Control on a blog page, for instance.  In Sueetie v3.2 you can drop any list view control on any page of any application.

For those interested in using List View Controls more extensively in Sueetie 3.2, what follows is the newly added Cross-Application List View Control Usage section from the Sueetie Wiki How-To: Using Global List View Controls.


Cross-application usage of List View Controls follows the same pattern of specifying the control and view stated earlier.

The List View Control that you drop onto a web page and which you specify properties for display are located in /controls/ directory (in blue) while the actual view HTML file you style to include various content elements is located in /themes/THEME/views (in red.)

.NET Applications require User Controls to be located in the same application, so the only difference is that the /Controls and /Views are found within the application’s theme structure. For Review, here are the Controls/Views locations for the framework areas:

Home Page, CMS, Marketplace, Search, Login, etc

Controls are located in /Controls/.
Views are located in /themes/CURRENT_THEME/Views.

Here are the Controls/Views locations for the various Sueetie Applications to employ List View Controls across multiple applications.

Blogs, Forums, Wiki

Controls are located in /APP/themes/CURRENT_THEME/Controls.
Views are located in /APP/themes/CURRENT_THEME/Views.

Media Gallery

Controls are located in /APP/gs/styles/CURRENT_THEME/Controls.
Views are located in /APP/gs/styles/CURRENT_THEME/Views.

Note: Controls can be located anywhere within the application, but views must exist in the locations specified. Controls are located in the Current_Theme/Controls folder for consistency across the applications and to maintain separation between Sueetie Logic and Application Logic.

Here’s a screenshot of a BlogEngine.NET blog directory layout with the locations of the /Controls and /Views contents in the /Themes/CURRENT_THEME location as described.


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