Maintaining Your Constant Contact Lists in Sueetie

You know by now about the exciting Constant Contact Integration coming in Sueetie Subscriptions v3.4. One of the more powerful features of Sueetie Subscriptions is being able to populate your Constant Contact Lists from site dynamics like authors of forum posts and Marketplace customers.  We talked about how to populate a list initially, but not how to maintain that list over time.  Well, Sueetie Subscriptions has you covered there, too.

Let’s move back one step to populating Constant Contact Lists. The types of member groups available to populate your lists are

  • All Active Members
  • Members who subscribed to your Site Newsletter
  • Members who authored content in your site forums
  • Those who purchased products in your Marketplace
  • Combined members who authored content and purchased Marketplace products
  • Combined authors, purchasers and newsletter subscribers
  • Members who are active but who never created any content, subscribed to the newsletter or purchased any products

Here’s a screenshot of the page used to populate your Constant Contact lists.


Okay, it’s clear that populating a Constant Contact List is sweet, but what happens over time.  Let’s say we populate our Constant Contact “New Product Releases” List on a Tuesday with all prior Marketplace Purchasers.  What happens when purchases are made on Wednesday?  This is where Sueetie Subscription List ID settings come into play. Sueetie adds group action triggers to maintain your Constant Contact Lists for you, so that whenever someone purchases a product in your Marketplace, for instance, they are automatically added to any Contact Lists you choose.

Here’s a screenshot of the Subscriptions Settings page where you see List ID settings for Forum Authors, Marketplace Purchasers, and New Members.


Each of your Constant Contact Lists has a List ID assigned by Constant Contact, which is what we see listed in the fields above. For, "1" is the Sueetie Monthly Newsletter, and "2" is New Product Releases Announcements.  So based on the above settings, whenever a member purchases a Marketplace Product or participates in the Forum, they are added to the Sueetie Newsletter and New Product Release Announcement lists.  Constant Contact List Maintained!

When we say members are automatically added based on certain site activity, it needs to be pointed out that every list subscription in Sueetie Subscriptions is fully permission-based. We built-in the intelligence so that if anyone unsubscribes from a Constant Contact List they will not be re-added when entering a forum post or purchasing a product. We also built-in the intelligence so that if someone is already a member of that list, no processing takes place. All processing takes place in the background, so we can be thorough.

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