New Sueetie Featured Product View Control

A new Featured Product View Control coming in Sueetie v4.0.  It’s a simple control that can be easily customized with Sueetie’s standard View Templating Model, just as its Sueetie List View cousins.  You can use the control anywhere on your site, not just in the Marketplace.

The intention of the Sueetie Marketplace Featured Product View Control is to give Marketplace owners the ability to designate a single product as their Featured Product. The View Control also gives you the ability to display any product you wish by using control properties we’ll look at in a minute.


Dropping the Control on a Page

Below is an image of the HTML when dropping the Featured Product View Control on a web page. You’ll notice you have full intellisense to select any properties. To display your Marketplace’s designated Featured Product, you need no additional properties.


Featured Product View Control Properties

The properties you can use to change the featured product display are:

  • ProductID – Used to display a product other than your marketplace designated Featured Product
  • DefaultProductID – This is a "fall-back" product which displays if you have not designated a Featured Product
  • ViewName – The ASCX template containing the control’s HTML for using templates other than the default FeaturedProductView.ascx
  • NoFeaturedProductViewName – ASCX template used in displaying a message that no product is currently featured. Default is NoFeaturedProductView.ascx.

The View Control Template File

Like all Sueetie List and Item View Controls, display is determined by a template .ASCX in your theme’s VIEWS folder consisting of pure HTML and the control data object, in this case the SueetieProduct object. All SueetieProduct properties are available via intellisense.


Designating a Featured Product

A new "IsFeatured" property has been added to SueetieProduct and is available on all Product Add and Edit administration forms.


The "No Product Featured" View

The NoFeaturedProductView.ascx template in your theme’s VIEWS folder is used to display your "no product featured" message. Like the View Control, it is easily customizable.


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