New Tag Activity Reporting in Sueetie Analytics

Sueetie Analytics in v3.2 includes Tag Activity Reporting to help you discover the subjects your community is interested in. Tag Activity Reports give you information on the top tags clicked on for the last 24 hours, week, month, quarter and year. You also know which specific members are interested in any given subject, as each tag’s individual clicks are provided in the Tag Activity Details Report.

The Reports

What follows are screenshots of the main Tag Activity Report and the Tag Activity Details Report. As mentioned, you can display tag activity for specific date spans as well as limit the report to member activity only.



Use Scenario

Let’s discuss a sample scenario on how you could use the Tag Activity Reports. John James (we’ll call him) is a member of your Sueetie community and you are selling clothing products with Sueetie Marketplace. You’re seeing that John James is clicking on several baby-related tags in your Community Forums. Using that information, along with his activity in the Sueetie Analytics Page View Reports, you  might consider sending Mr. James a targeted coupon for the purchase of any baby-related clothing item in your Community Store.

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