Sueetie Blog Post List View Controls Now With Thumbnails

Sueetie Blog Post List View Controls Now Include Thumbnails!   With the addition of the Sueetie Blog Post Thumbnail Addon adding thumbnails to Blog Post List Views seemed a logical bonus. Below is a screenshot of Blog Post List View Thumbnails in action on the footer.  As with all Sueetie List View Controls, the Blog Post List View Control can be used anywhere on a Sueetie Community Site. The image above is a page footer in ScrewTurn Wiki.


Like the Sueetie Pack Blog Post Thumbnail Addon, the Blog List View Control supports the following image types:

  1. Author Avatar
  2. Image Based on the Post’s Category
  3. First Image Contained in the Post
  4. Post Attachment
  5. Random Image from your Media Gallery
  6. Default blog image (all posts will contain the same image)

The footer uses the "Image Based on the Post’s Category" option.

Adding a Thumbnail

Since we’re using the logic found in the Sueetie Addon Pack to create the Post List View Control Thumbnail, the Blog Post List View Control now inherits from source files in the Sueetie.AddonPack library. Below are the .ASCX files used in the Sueetie Framework area which includes the Home Page, Membership pages, CMS, Calendars, Marketplace, etc.

The Post List View Control .ASCX files of Sueetie Applications (blog, forum, media gallery and wiki) are located in theme-specific locations of the application. See the Global List View Control Guide for details. The point is that all blog post list view controls now inherit from the Sueetie Addon Pack class library rather than Sueetie.Controls namespace.





Adding the HTML

The HTML for a Post List View Thumbnail was displayed in the previous image, where a new PostImageUrl property has been added to the SueetieBlogPost "Post" object. RecentBlogPostView.ascx and all Sueetie List View .ASCXs support full Intellisense to make it easy adding the PostImageUrl and other Post properties to the view template .ASCX.

One final location to add HTML is in the .ASPX or .MASTER page where you place the control. Below is a screenshot of adding the Blog Post List thumbnail to the User Control, i.e., the ImageType property.  This sets the image display type to the Post Category, Author Avatar, and so on.


Free and Commercial Options

The Blog Post List View Thumbnail Addon supports the same free/commercial options as the Blog Post Thumbnail Addon. Free License users can display thumbnails using the Post Attachment only while Commercial Addon Pack License holders have no restrictions on the post image type display.

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