Sueetie Community Calendars Now Support Event Types

Another Fun Feature has been added to the Sueetie Addon Pack. Calendar Event Types!  Calendar Event Types give Sueetie Communities the ability to assign an Event Type to Calendar Events. Not only that, but event types can be styled and calendars filtered by type.

Event Types can be seen in action on the Community Calendar. Each community will have its own type of events, but the two that define Sueetie activity are when Sueetie Framework Updates are announced and when new Sueetie Releases occur. Here’s a screenshot, with update announcements in red and releases in black.


You will also notice that the calendar is filterable by event type.


Managing Event Types and the CSS Connection

Event Types are managed in the Sueetie AddonPack Adminstration area. Here’s a screenshot of the Calendar Event Type Admin page.


As for the CSS Connection, the Event Type Code entered becomes the unique CSS Class Name for events of that type and any properties added to or replacing the event’s default CSS properties. In the example above for Sueetie Releases, the CSS Class Name is "CalReleaseEvent." That class is typically placed in your theme’s style/fullCalendar.css. Here’s the complete CSS for release event types.

.CalReleaseEvent a
    background-color: #000;
    border-color: #000;
    border: none;

Assigning Event Types

Event Types can be assigned whenever an event is created, in the Sueetie Calendar Control or on the Calendar Popup Editor. Let’s look at the Popup Editor first.

The Popup Editor is enabled when the Calendar’s EditMode is enabled. Assigning Event Types with the Popup Editor looks like this. The new Event Type selector is circled.  If you’re a Sueetie Member you can test the new event types on the Sueetie Edit Demo Calendar.


When assigning Sueetie Content to a Calendar Event with the Calendar Control the form looks like this. You’ll notice as a special bonus it is now possible to assign events to any community calendar!


Product Keys and Feature Freedom

Calendar Event Types require the a Sueetie Supporter AddonPack Product Key. The feature is not enabled for Free Product Key users. Sueetie Supporter Product Keys for the AddonPack are available in the Sueetie Marketplace.

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