Sueetie Gamification Feature Complete and Ready for Kick-off in Version 4.1

We’re excited to announce that Sueetie Gamification Features are complete and release-ready for Version 4.1.  The gamification goals for v4.1 we posted on the Sueetie Roadmap upon v4.0’s release are now complete.

Leaderboards, Points and Badges – Analytics will get a lot of attention for Version 4.1 with new Member Leaderboards and the supporting infrastructure of points, badges and engagement metrics.

We announced Leaderboards several weeks ago.  Here’s a screenshot of that in case you haven’t seen it.

Today we are announcing Sueetie Achievements as the newest feature of the Gamification Module.  Sueetie Achievements give you the ability to award medals and badges to users based on their community participation.  Achievements are online at, so if you’re a Sueetie Community Member, the more you participate, the more badges you earn!

Did Someone Say Badges?

Yes, we said badges.  Everyone loves badges.  No respectable Gaming System is complete without them. Here’s a sample Sueetie Badge for the “Hard Core” Achievement, our way of recognizing members who download the Atomo Developers Package.

Members can view their achievements from their Member Profile.  Here’s a sample screenshot.

Defining Achievements

We’ll provide you with a few achievements to help you get started, but every community is unique and has its own personality.  That personality will be reflected in your badges and achievement descriptions.  Here’s the Achievement Management page, using the contribution of 10 Forum Messages as a sample achievement.

Notification of Achievement Awards

As you see from the above Achievement Management form, you define the type of notification the user receives upon obtaining the award.  You can send emails and/or personal messages, leveraging the new Sueetie Communications Module we announced a few weeks ago.  (Anyone seeing the method to the madness yet? :)  Here’s a sample PM sent to Testguy on the achievement of his Hard Core Award.

Extra Innings with the Sueetie Games

In the Sueetie Wiki Games Area you can read more about how achievements are earned both at the time of the event and by a background task which monitors the system for various thresholds and criteria.  We went to great lengths to cover every conceivable type of user engagement and multiple levels of achievement, making the awarding of points and badges infinitely scalable.

For developers, we made sure you have everything you need for creating custom Achievements and Point Types. You can read how you can extend and customize Sueetie Gamification in the Sueetie Wiki Games Area.

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