Sueetie Marketplace Now Serving Triple Scoop Product Keys

Sueetie Marketplace is now handling real cash money and serving up both free and paid product keys for the Sueetie Version 3.1 Triple Scoop Addon Pack and Sueetie Analytics.  I discussed Triple Scoop Product Keys elsewhere, but if you recall there are free product keys with some feature limitations and three levels of paid keys to support Sueetie Development based on Community Owner Size.

Here are the Product Key Support Levels:

  • Free: Free product keys with slight feature limitations. $0.00
  • Entrepreneur: Community Owner a single individual. $20.00
  • Small Business: Sueetie Community Owner any entity less than 10 employees. $50.00
  • Corporate: Community Owner with 10 or more employees. $100.00

I think these levels are appropriate for the Everyman Access to the Sueetie Triple Scoop Application Features I’ve always talked about. These are bonus apps to support development of Sueetie’s core online community framework. If you don’t need a Third Scoop, don’t eat it.

With these latest updates, Sueetie Marketplace is quickly turning into a viable eCommerce store for offering products for purchase. As I was upgrading Marketplace for Product Keys I was also laying the groundwork for selling other product types which you’ll be seeing in Version 3.2 planned for release in May.  I’ll blog more about the Administrative side of Marketplace shortly.  I thought I’d begin with documenting the customer experience of making a Marketplace purchase.  That follows in a reprint of the newest Sueetie Wiki How-To, A Walk-through of Making a Sueetie Marketplace Purchase.


Marketplace Transaction Philosophy

The Sueetie Marketplace Philosophy is to be a fully integrated function within a Sueetie Online Community, where the offering and sale of goods and services are a click away. In its initial design as released in Sueetie Version 3.2 (coming in May 2011), Marketplace Transaction processing is offloaded to a Payment Vendor for both the Shopping Cart and transaction functions.

The Transaction Offload model has several immediate benefits: 1) It allows us to spend more resources in Marketplace Community Integration. 2) It adds customer trust to the experience. Marketplace v3.2 uses PayPal Standard Account payments, which support purchases with Credit Card and from the user’s PayPal account. Customers know PayPal and do not question the familiar PayPal Shopping Cart and Checkout pages. 3) The offload model eliminates the responsibility to Sueetie Community Administrators of securing Credit Card and other personal customer data.

Adding an Item to the Shopping Cart

Each product in Sueetie Marketplace has its own Product Type: Electronic Download, Subscription Service, Product Key, etc. More details about Marketplace Product Types are found in other Administration Guides. The Product Type determines the type of Action Links displayed on the product page. We are viewing a Sueetie Package Product Key item below. This is unique to, but demonstrates the design principle.


Upon clicking on any product "Purchase" link, the customer is taken to the PayPal Shopping Cart page, with options to checkout or continue shopping.


Sueetie Post-Transaction Processing

As we discussed, all transaction processing occurs on PayPal. More Payment Vendors will be coming. With Sueetie Marketplace Version 3.2, the site administrator creates a PayPal Website Standards Account. This is a free business account provided by PayPal, adding transaction-based charges for the service. The Sueetie Administrator will configure his Website Standards Account for auto-return to your site. That returning url will contain a transaction ID which Sueetie uses to display the details of the purchase.

The Complete Purchase page for Sueetie Product Keys is shown below. All products regardless of product type are displayed on the page. If any of those purchases are product keys or software licenses, those will display below the purchases list. You see a message at the bottom of the page. This is a Sueetie Content Part which you will personalize for your Online Store in Marketplace Administration. There is also a Content Part message you will customize to display when some other transaction result other than "SUCCESS" is received from PayPal.


24/7 Purchase Information for Customers

Any purchases made by your customers are displayed on their Member Profile as shown below. Purchases are displayed by product and package type that you define in Marketplace Administration. If the products are electronic downloads, links to the media are available on the User Profile Purchases Page as well.


Failed Transactions

If the transaction was unsuccessful the Sueetie Community Administrator will immediately receive an email as shown before. This will work in conjunction with PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification service. If you determine you want to use IPN you may not wish to receive an email from Sueetie Marketplace, in which case you can turn it off in Marketplace Administration.


Article written by

A long time developer, I was an early adopter of Linux in the mid-90's for a few years until I entered corporate environments and worked with Microsoft technologies like ASP, then .NET. In 2008 I released Sueetie, an Online Community Platform built in .NET. In late 2012 I returned to my Linux roots and locked in on Java development. Much of my work is available on GitHub.