Sueetie Miniature v2.0.0.2 Released

The second Sueetie Miniature for Version 2.0 is now available in the Sueetie Marketplace.  Sueetie Miniatures add minor fixes to Gummy Bear plus modified source for Atomo Users.  ALL Atomo developers need to grab the v2.0.0.2 Miniature and Gummy Bear users who downloaded the v2.0 Web Package before 11/12/2010.  I updated the Gummy Bear Web Package, but I don’t update Atomo.  Miniatures are cumulative and v2.0.0.2 has all updates included in v2.0.0.1. 

v2.0.0.2 will probably be the last Miniature release for v2.0. You never know, but I think we now addressed everything either missing or dysfunctional in the v2.0 release.  I enjoy creating Miniatures though, knowing that we’re all benefiting from the fixes.  Once the codebase is too v2.1-centric it will be difficult to continue to provide Miniatures for v2.0.

Here’s the Miniature content layout which includes drag-n-drop updates for both Gummy Bear and Atomo as you can see.

There’s also a small sql script for both Gummy Bear and Atomo packages, a small logic adjustment in a stored procedure that calculates Unread Message counts.  Not essential if Gummy Bear users don’t have access to an MSQuery Window.

Here are the fixes and updates in v2.0.0.2 as listed on the Marketplace Download page:

  • All Content Page Groups defaulted to same .ASPX file. Fixed.
  • Removed left-padding on Aggregate blog page CSS.
  • Current Calendar object properties are now accessible from SueetieContext.
  • Inbox unread msgs count fixed.  SQL script of stored proceedure included.
  • Sueetie Localizer error logging now includes key name and resource file.
  • MetaTag Localization error on home page fixed.
  • Administration Calendar Events were not updating/deleting. Fixed.

Thanks to the guys who discovered these issues.  You know who you are.  We all owe you!

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A long time developer, I was an early adopter of Linux in the mid-90's for a few years until I entered corporate environments and worked with Microsoft technologies like ASP, then .NET. In 2008 I released Sueetie, an Online Community Platform built in .NET. In late 2012 I returned to my Linux roots and locked in on Java development. Much of my work is available on GitHub.