Tags Everywhere! YetAnotherForum.NET Now With Tagging

I know this is going to make a lot of Sueetie Users happy.  Sueetie Forums now supports Tagging and will be part of the Version 1.4 release coming soon.  Everyone loves YetAnotherForum.NET, yet I’m often asked, "when is YetAnotherForum.NET going to support tagging?" Sueetie Community Users want forum tags and so do I.  So hey, let’s add them!

Tagging by Topic (not Message)

Sueetie Forum Tags are assigned by YetAnotherForum.NET TOPIC, not individual message. I never liked the idea of tagging by message. Too much confusion, effort and noise. Tagging by topic reduces redundancy, makes tag weighting of site content more accurate and produces cleaner search results.

Sueetie Forum Topic Tagging uses the Sueetie Framework Global Tag Control which is displayed at the start of each forum topic thread. An interesting aspect of Forum Topic Tagging is that it is collaborative. All authors in a topic’s discussion thread have the ability to edit that topic’s tags. The Tag Edit icon appears for administrators and any user who posted a message in that topic’s thread.


Because the Sueetie Tag Control is used, Tag Suggestion is fully supported as well as immediate Tag Updating through the Sueetie WCF Tag Processing Service.


Rather than including a tag editor in each post, a message has been added to remind the author that he or she can add tags to the topic at any time after creating the message.


The instructions are:

Forum tags are assigned by topic. After entering your message you can add tags at any time using the tag editor located at the start of the discussion thread.

Retrieving Forum Content by Tags

Because Forum Topic Tagging is fully integrated with Sueetie’s Global Tagging and Search Architecture, clicking on the tag will retrieve all site content with that tag.


Search Sidebar: What is Retrieved in Forum Tag Searching

Some of you may be asking, "if forum content is tagged by TOPIC, then how is it that a Forum MESSAGE is retrieved on a Sueetie Search with abstract, author and other forum message properties?" The answer is that when the search index is updated, tags for the forum topic are assigned to the Lead Topic Message, the message which starts the topic. (In YetAnotherForum.NET parlance, that’s the message in yaf_message with the given topicID and position 0.) That way, when a forum message is retrieved in the tags results, clicking on the message takes you to the start of the topic. This eliminates the common problem of multiple messages in the same topic being returned in a tag search result set.

Are We Done With Tagging Yet?

Okay, we’ve done Sueetie CMS tagging, Media album and object tagging, added tags to wiki pages.  BlogEngine.NET supports tagging out of the box and now we’ve added tags to YetAnotherForum.NET!  Wow!  Are we done yet????  No.

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