The First Sueetie Analytics Reports Appear

The New Sueetie Analytics needed a few cool reports for the Sueetie 3.1 kick-off, and they are complete and online at Sorry, I’m the only guy who can use them until v3.1 is released in a few weeks, then I’ll be looking forward to getting reactions and input from other Sueetie Administrators on where we want to go next.

With more details and screenshots of each of the new reports, here is the latest Sueetie How-To Guide on Using the Sueetie Analytics Page and Member Activity Reports.


Analytics Reporting Initialization Complete!

The Sueetie Analytics Page and Member Activity Reports were released in Version 3.1 and lay the groundwork for more extensive analytics reporting to come. In their initial release, the reports provide a quick snapshot of the following:

  • All Page View Activity
  • Activity by Application
  • Activity by Page
  • All Member (and non-member) Page View Activity
  • Page View Activity by Member

Analytics Main Menu

Before we look at the reports, let’s look at the Analytics Version 3.1 Main Menu. The Reports appear first at the top of the menu, followed by various data management functions like filtering users and pages, and finally Analytics Settings, which we’ll look at in a minute. Below the menu is the License Statement, as Sueetie Analytics is a Commercial Addition to Sueetie.


Activity Defaults

Page and Member Reports give you the option of displaying data by date span: Last 24 hours, week, month, quarter and year. More options on date range reporting will come in future releases. The reports also, where applicable, give you the ability to display

  • All Users or Members Only
  • All Pages or Content Pages Only (a forum topic is content, the forum home page is not)

An example of those option settings is shown below on the All Pages Report.


You can set your default views on the Analytics Settings page.


The Reports

The screenshots are teeny-tiny, but give you a quick overview of the Page and Member Activity Reports included in the initial release of Sueetie Analytics

All Pages. A display of all page activity by date range with the option of displaying content pages only and members only activity. A total of all page activity is displayed as well.


Selected Page Activity. The activity for a page selected from the All Pages Activity Report, with the option of displaying all activity or activity of members only.


Activity by Application. You can select an application from the All Pages Activity Report to display pages by application.


All Member Activity. Display of all member activity for all pages or for content pages only.


Member Activity. Activity of individual member, selected from the All Member Activity Report.


Laying the Groundwork

The initial release of Sueetie Analytics in Version 3.1 focuses on ensuring the accuracy of the data used by the activity reports to get the most value from Analytics Reporting. But I think you’ll find yourself consulting these reports regularly to learn more about your community and your members.

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